I came to know Jenn at Plum Tuckered Pooch from another trainer, Cindy Peacock. After doing some private training and classes for Reactive dogs with Cindy, she suggested Jenn to help with Bolt’s reactivity to children. While I don’t have children at home, we noticed Bolt had become increasingly fearful and overly vocal when children, usually my nephews, were around. If kids were running and playing, he would try to chase and bark at them; however, one day he lunged at a 9month old who was making no noise and her mom was just setting her on the ground. He never bit her, but did become overly aggressive with his barking. This is when I knew I had to do more to help him out.

Previously, I learned a lot from Cindy Peacock about positive reinforcement, and saw the positive results it gave us with Bolt. So when Cindy recommended Jenn, I knew she would be using the same methods. Learning from Jenn, and Cindy, has taught me about how to teach Bolt that people, dogs, and kids are not scary. It is not an overnight thing for dogs to learn, training is always happening. Jenn shows an amazing amount of patience, respect, and care during her sessions. Not every dog wants to be hugged or touched, so understanding how dogs are communicate to us, is imperative. Since dogs can’t speak, they give us other signs to let us know how they are feeling in all situations. Jenn is always there to answer my questions when they come up and checks in on Bolt from time to time.

Having a reactive dog can be very intimidating when it comes to seeking out help. Seeing firsthand the excellent results of using trainers who follow Positive Reinforcement has been the best thing for our household. I am happy to say, Bolt is a happier pup now. He has learned a lot, but I think I have learned more. I know his cues when he is having a tough time. He knows to look to me for guidance, and I now know how to better help him.

Picking a high drive working dog for our first, crazy. Without Jenn I don’t know where we’d be. She gave us all the tools and knowledge we needed to successfully train and bond with our GSP pup. She took the time to find out what we were struggling with and not only treated us like equals, but she showed us how to positively train our pup and overcome the difficulties of teenage years. We succeeded so much so we recently added an even crazier Malinois to our family and went through puppy and manner class with her again to freshen up skills we had learned, it was a blast to be apart of such a positive atmosphere.

Gabbie & Trevor
We called on Jenn to help us in our multiple dog home when we introduced a new member who had had a poor start in a previous environment. Jenn worked with us, giving us a variety of safe tips and options to help everyone adjust, settle in, relax and learn in a positive way. She took time to help us understand doggie behaviours and taught us to recognize warning signs that our dogs gave to let us know they were uncomfortable in a situation. We are grateful for the expertise and experience Jenn provided and encourage others to contact her for all their training needs.

Joan G.